About Us

     Arking Pharma, is located in Canada and dedicated to providing pharmaceutical, biotech and special chemical communities with innovative products and services throughout the world since 2012.

   We produce a wide range of organics, especially fluorine, heterocyclic compounds and other active pharmaceutical ingredients. Custom synthesis is our core business, specializing in indoles, azaindoles, indazole, pyridine and pyrimidine.

   Business Scope

   1 Catalogue Product  (APIs & Inhibitors, Fine Chemicals, Natural Compounds)

           7,000+compounds in stock, 5-7 days delivery anywhere in the world.

       2 Custom Synthesis

          1,000+ squarefeet R&D center for synthetic and process chemistry research and kilo-production

    3 Contract Manufacture

         Westart cooperation from early research to scale up or more.

      4 Large Molecule Manufacturing


     Important cooperative partner

           Sigma-Aldrich,VWR, Argenta, Aptuit,Gilead, Norvatis, Merck, Takeda etc.